Your Media Maven
Terms of Service

Mom's Media Maven will meet with new clients for a complimentary assessment of all of your project needs.

Within a few days of your meeting, you will receive a detailed proposal, which will outline all possible costs you 
may incur and the agreed upon rate.  A time line for completion will also be set forth, that will be appropriate for 
the project's needs.

Due to the varying nature of Mom's Media Maven's services, each project will be assessed and a proposal will be made to each client.


Digital File Organizing & Consulting  
Hourly Rate*

Scanned photos and Artwork up to size 8.5" x 11" scanned to 600dpi 
$0.99 per image

Large format images - photographed at high resolution 
$4.99 per image

Photo Restoration (Photoshop) starting at $9.99 per image

Archive Photo thumb drive with images saved as .jpg files  

Custom Art Work - price varies for size and medium chosen

* Projects will be individually assessed to reflect either an hourly or a project based charge.  
  The rate chosen will be the most economical for the client.